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US Constitution And Christianity

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​​US Constitution And Christianity

​Our church ( adult Sunday school) bought this and it took us a while to get through it, But whoa! Amazing to discover just what God fearing people our founding fathers were.


​US Constitution For Kids!

us constitution for kids

For the whole family, the US Constitution is for kids too!

​Our whole family went through this. Your family will love it too.


​Before Buying Your ​ Crash Course On The US Constitution

​I did a little looking around on the internet and found nothing like this. I was impressed with the fact that the founders ... even the ones my professors always said were deists prayed and look to biblical principles to build this country.

​ US Constitution Impeachment

​I have to admit starting off that I had no idea just how biblical the us constitution is. I always wondered what the impeachment procedure was and how it really was to be enacted or applied. Thanks!

​The US Constitution and Christianity is a must for all Americans!
us constitution and christianity

Study George Washington's life and its easy to make the connection between the us constitution and christianity.

​Our whole family went through your course on the us constitution and christianity. I wish I would have understood this material earlier in my life.

Never ​Really Understood The US Constitution - Now Thanks ​To The Crash Course

​I never realized the founders had such a basis for biblical government. In high school I learned just the opposite, that the founders believed in a type of watchmaker or something like that as their God.

​Love The ​ Crash Course!

​the Crash Course on the US Constitution is a great way to learn what our founding fathers believed. Most people have no idea what the nation was founded on. There's never been a better time to go over the materials. Seems like our world is in a chaotic place.

​"Beginners" Love ​The Constitution!
founding fathers

The Founding Fathers Did Have A Plan!

This is the best course on the linkage between the US Constitution and Christianity I've heard of. I guess it does make sense to go back and really figure out what the Founders were thinking. Thanks so much!

​ The Crash Course on The Constitution is Remarkable!

​ Johns course is incredible. This should be taught in every school and church in America.

​ The US Constitution And The Christianity

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