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​The US Constitution And The Constitution.

us constitution and christianity

the us constitution and christianity have foundational linkage.

​The Crash Course on the US Constitution and Christianity is for all Americans who seek to understand what the nature of the American system is all about.

​This online course provides a distinctly Biblical Perspective which explains intent by Revealing the Christian Principles Which Were Grounded in America's Most Significant Founding Documents.

​Today the Constitution is over 230 years old.

​The U.S. Constitution of 1787 is the highest law in the United States, and has outlived the constitutions of every other nation in existence today. 

​The Constitution's longevity rests on the remarkable and enduring principles upon which it was founded.

Our American Founding Fathers understood that God's law provides the platform for the most s form of civil government any country can muster. 

The Founders forged into the America's legal documents and civil institutions biblical ​standards that have withstood the test of time. ​

The question always remains... Which biblical principles did the Founders use? 

And do the biblical foundations that carried this nation for so long stand a chance against the present surge of ungodly political activism?

John Eidsmoe, a constitutional lawyer and career defender of America's biblical foundations, answers hard-hitting issues in today's ​world of progressive thought. ​   ​ ​ ​

In this course you will learn exactly what our Founding Fathers understood about the nature of government, and understand our clear and always present need for biblical restraints.

 ​In this course, from one of the best constitutional scholars in the nation you will learn:

God's Civil Leadership of the Hebrews A History of Christian Civil Leaders

​The Worldview of the Founders 

The Real Religion of the Founders 

Delegation and Separation of Powers Civil Rights: "The Good, Bad, and Potential"

The Key Amendments-

Dangers of a "Living" Constitution

Dangers of Judicial Activism Defenses Against National Tyranny This is a 7 audio CD set.

About the Speaker: John Eidsmoe is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, Alabama State Defense Force Colonel, and graduate of both the Air Command & Staff College and Air War College.

As a constitutional attorney, John has defended both home schools and Christian schools in court, as well as the right of all students to study the Bible.

​US Constitution And Christianity

Constitution Day: What You May Not Know About The Founders

us christianity and the constitution

Since today is Constitution Day, it might be a good time to reflect on the idea of a Constitution and the key players involved at the time of the document’s writing. Many Americans simply like to assume that all was well “back in the day” and that each and every one of the Founders agreed on the big idea of freedom we say we still enjoy today.

A couple of the greatest Americans of the time saw some dangerous holes and simply had to say “nope, not on my watch” to what we call the highest law of the land.

Two remarkable men, Patrick Henry and George Mason, both opposed the Constitution on principle. They thought it created too strong a federal government and would create a monster down the road.

us constitution for kids

Mason even was involved in the writing of the Constitution, but when the discussions came to slavery and interested commence … he walked out. He said it wouldn’t work over time.

us contitution impeachment

Patrick Henry (1736-1799) A man who certainly understood the relationship between the US constitution and Christianity

Patrick Henry believed the phrase “we the people” would allow the feds to pander to the American people directly with money, effectively bypassing states’ rights and representation … and ultimately leading to a democracy which he and most of the Founders hated from the depths of their God-fearing souls.

At the time, most thought a democracy was two wolves and a chicken voting on what to have for supper. It is. The Founders formed a republic. Let’s work to restore it.

us constitution and the constitution

​US Constitution For Kids

Hear are some questions we get asked most often:

​Is god mentioned in the constitution?

​What principles were America founded on?

What is the biblical worldview of the constitution?

christianity and the constitution: the faith of our founding fathers

​Was America founded on religious freedom?

​Were the founding fathers Christians?

​Were the laws based on religion in America?

founding fathers freedom of religion

christianity in America

countries founded on christianity

​Does the constitution mention religion?

​Was America founded on religious freedom

​Are constitutional rights god given?

​Tell me more about the constitution and religion of the Founders

Are there any bible references in the constitution

​What are the references to god in the US Constitution

​​Was there any connection between the Bible and the Founding Fathers?

​US Constitution Impeachment

us constitution and chsitianity

​The  US Constitution's procedure for impeachment is implicitly Christian.

The US Constitution and Christianity - ​